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Keeping Your Computer
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Access Power Inc in Saint Paul, Minnesota, specializes in the sale and repair of uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, for computer-based companies. If your company uses an uninterruptible power supply, we can provide the UPS maintenance you need to ensure that nothing stops your organization from operating at peak efficiency. We are dedicated to providing our customers with fast and effective service, so you can always trust us to get your job done quickly, so you can get back to business.

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Our company's primary goal is to ensure our clients that they will have access to their system at all times. We repair and maintain your UPS so that you never worry about down time.

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Many of our clients find that they are in need of a new UPS, or discover that they are using a subpar product. We are pleased to provide our customers with new or used ups battery replacement.

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About Us

Our founder started this company in 1992. This company is the result of that decision. We have over 35 years of industry experience and can address any UPS concerns that you may have.

We are a reliable and dedicated organization that is exclusively aimed towards providing our clients with the services they require. We understand just how important it is that your system remains operational. Every second without power means lost revenue. Our organization was established to be certain that businesses like yours can remain fully operational.


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