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Effective UPS Repair

Access Power Inc takes no small amount of pride in the preventative maintenance we provide for our clients in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. We do all we can to test your system and ensure that it is operating properly. If it isn't, for any reason, we provide UPS repair or UPS battery backup/replacement.

Services and Benefits

Typically, we begin by taking voltage and power supply readings. We test all the functions of your operating system, so that you can benefit from the shortest possible downtime. We understand that losing power for even a moment could result in some serious profit loss, so we have engineered our services towards avoiding that at all costs.

Battery failure is among the most common issues for UPS systems. Therefore, we check the impedance and voltage readings on each battery individually, and replace any batteries whose  resistance is out of range.

Our maintenance contracts guarantee that we will perform preventative maintenance on your system every six months. We service most major brands. If an emergency should occur, we respond as soon as possible. Our services are tailored to our customers, so please contact us for a free consultation on your professional and reliable battery backup needs.


Repairing a UPS