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ATTENTION ACCESS POWER INC CUSTOMERS! Access Power Inc is now part of the Quality Power Solutions family.

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UPS Systems for Sale

Access Power Inc wants to be certain that our clients in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and beyond are well equipped to meet the needs of their business. This often means upgrading their UPS system, as UPS equipment is constantly being refined and improved. We are happy to offer our customers a wide variety of options to improve their user experience with uninterrupted power supplies.

Brands You Can Rely On

Brands You Can Rely On

We offer new and used equipment to our clients. Whether your company needs to upgrade to something newer, or perhaps needs to find a small UPS system befitting a smaller business, we have everything you need, including batteries. Our prices vary, depending on your needs and the product in question. Contact us for details on the best make and model to meet your needs. We service products from the following manufacturers:

  • Liebert™
  • Chloride™
  • Powerware/Eaton™
  • EPE/MGE™
  • Toshiba™
  • Mitsubishi™
  • Best™
  • APC™
  • GE